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"Nothing is impossible if you work hard everyday and believe in yourself"
-Lalanii Wilson, Jones, MBA

Lalanii Wilson-Jones, MBA is a successful Dallas-based CEO, whose vision and determination has founded a multitude of successful companies across a variety of industries including the healthcare, education, beauty, and wellness sectors.

With offices from Dallas to Houston, Lalanii Wilson-Jones, has excelled as a powerful Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of more than twelve dynamic companies with successes in every endeavor.  Her degree from Southern Methodist University [SMU] and Masters of Business Administration from Argosy University, as well as her 25+ years of experience make her a formidable leader who is nationally recognized as a true entrepreneur.

Her parent company, Mogul247 Enterprises leads her ambitious collection of companies where her mission is to lead & grow the opportunities in the community, in order to increase economic prosperity, source social justice, bring enjoyment to the lives of others and to build self-esteem for all those who could really use it…  Her organization provides the basis of her operations while also offering business development services, organizational development resources and entrepreneurship mentoring to up-and-coming companies or turnaround candidates all over the world.

From start-up to triumph, Lalanii has founded, developed and led each organization to profitability and brand equity positions by bringing the leadership and skillsets needed to thrive in the competitive ecosystems of some of the world’s largest economies.  Find out more, access her services or join the team at

She is also the founder and CEO of two successful home health organizations called Altruist Home Health Care, Inc. and Tender Hands Home Health Care, Inc. which are dedicated to providing nursing and physician-based services to its patients with the highest quality health care possible.  Altruist provides Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Disease Care, Post-Surgery Care, Meal Preparation, IV & PICC Line Care, Housekeeping, Home Health Aide, Social Work Services as well as Wound Care and Care Management Plan. Her offices take care of patients across North and East Texas as well as the surrounding areas in the neediest counties including: Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Rockwall, Wise, Denton, Hunt, Kaufman, Rains, Van Zandt, Henderson, Navarro, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker County.  Her company treats every type of disease from Cancer to AIDS and everything in-between as well as accident and injury victims.  They specialize in private insurances to Medicare/Medicaid as well as private pay customers. To get immediate care, more information or articles & news that helps logon to or

For more severe healthcare cases, her company Altruist Hospice, Inc. provides a kindhearted approach to skillful medical care, palliative care and supportive-services for patients with life-limiting disorders and their families.  The focus her caregivers, nurses and doctors provide in her remarkable concept of care is to enable patients to be pain-free and comfortable, so they may live out the remainders of their lives as pain-free and comfortably as possible.  Her organization supports the wishes and meets the needs of all North Texas & East Texas families with a wide-ranging resource of services and care providers 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year. She is unique in offering plans and care that customize treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs, because there is such a wide-variety of ailments and because patients respond differently to treatment options.  Patients can access these ideal services at or find helpful information in their hospice journal online.


Lalanii Wilson-Jones, MBA is also the CEO & Executive Director of Dallas-Based Stepping Stones Early Child Development Centers & Houston-Based Briar Patch Learning Center.  Her chain of daycares is dedicated to providing comprehensive, family-centered, quality care in an environment that is conducive to each child’s cognitive and physiological success by providing multi-sensory learning and protective child-care in the nations neediest locations. With the best teachers available, a top-ranked food program and transportation from a fleet of vehicles to make the lives of parents easier and the growth of every child they work with.  Parents can access her locations online for their rates and services at or or keep up with ideal information in the building blocks blogs.


She also serves the beauty sector as the Co-Owner and Business Administrator of Koffee Day Spa, her downtown Dallas Beauty & Health-focused Spa which provides a full-range of massage services that treat Dallas’ chronic pain sufferers or relax and rejuvenate people from around the world, they offer facials for every skin type and beautification need, skincare for all body types, products that protect & promote beauty as well as makeup, manicures and spa parties.  Her patrons can access the spa directly through her website where they can get information, book services online, or get advice from behind the spa scenes through the well-informed online journal.

She also Co-owns Kanvas Skincare which formulates and markets beauty and medical-grade products for all skin types and treats all skin conditions.  Kanvas is focused on providing products that treat the skin as a “blank canvas” where, if perfected, leads to ideal natural states of beauty or ideal foundations for the best makeup possible.  With a Dallas-based operation Kanvas reaches around the world and distributes to everyone as if they are right next door.  Her website is on online retailer but also contains a beauty blog that enriches the lives of others with a relevant beauty commentary that can make anyone look and feel better.

Her brand Confections Beauty is a fun and energetic proprietor of Lip Gloss’ and makeups that straddles the fun and unique needs of teens, young people and spans to fit for adults of all ages.  Founded by Lalanii and her daughter who is affectionately known as “Peaches” Her success in the beauty product domain is a result of being able fuel the makeup obsessions of people around the globe with high-quality products that are affordable, rule-breaking and creative. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, Confections embraces seeming opposites that work together to create your own personal style.  Their collaborations in makeup offer innovations in textures, delight you in the long-wearing colors and thrill you in the beauty of the unexpected. To order or get information that helps go to

For personal accounts of trials and tribulations on your way to the top, look no further than Lalanii’s candid personal website Lalanii Jones at which features stories, resources and a foundation for success that anyone can follow to replicate the successes held my Ms. Wilson-Jones.  This iconoclastic resource will help you mold yourself in an ideal likeness of who you see yourself becoming as well as give you help that can keep you from “stubbing your toes” along the path to accomplishment.

In addition to hard work and achievements Lalanii Wilson-Jones, MBA is also a known philanthropist whose charitable work spans children with needs, help for the elderly, the underprivileged and those ravished by diseases from Alzheimer’s to AIDS.  In addition she has founded the charitable organization Love & Meals which works to provide meals and support for kids in under-served areas in her community.  To find out more or to contribute, logon to

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